A minor update has just been released for the App Store. It contains the following improvements and bug fixes.


  • Extra Buttons for rich text are back on iOS 6
  • Voice Memos are now recording in background
  • Dropbox: warning when illegal characters appear in titles
  • More reliably extract tasks from rich text documents
  • Correctly detect numbered lists in plain text
  • Suppress unnecessary error messages
  • Correct alignment for BIUS/Highlight popup menu in rich text
  • iPad: Typewriter layout only for editable documents (other documents appear full screen)
  • Pinch & zoom enabled for imported HTML documents (disabled for editable documents)

Solved Issues

  • Opening Recent Items with 0 elements
  • Inserting/deleting first/last task in a list containing hidden done tasks
  • Deleting first line (title) of a Markdown document
  • iPhone: autorotation after moving multiple items


  • Added “Inconsolata” as custom font

Please don’t forget to back up your data regularly.

Notebooks 5.2.1 (iPad and iPhone)

2 thoughts on “Notebooks 5.2.1 (iPad and iPhone)

  • April 8, 2013 at 1:29 pm


    I recently got in touch with Notebooks, even if it’s not possible to find it via Apple’s App store. After reading the feature list, I was sure it’s a good alternative to Evernote, what I like most is the opportunity to sync over WebDAV, especially when using OwnCloud.

    Here are some recommendations:

    * The way markdown syntax is parsed seems not to be fully compatible with Daring Fireball’s standard. I’m aware there are many dialects, however I would like to see “atx-style headers” supported. The optionally provided hashes are shown in the html preview
    * Is there any possibility to easily annotate a pdf document – the feature I’m missing is an option to create a markdown file with the pdf or an image inserted. What I have in mind is to open a pdf file in Notebooks, use the more dialog and choose the option “annotate”, which creates an .md file with the element embedded.
    * What pdf renderer do you use? If I annotate a pdf e.g. in Preview, the annotations are not shown in the notebooks app.

    Thanks so much,

    • April 8, 2013 at 3:41 pm

      Hi Thomas,

      thank you for your feedback and your suggestions!

      1) Notebooks/Mac is still in beta, which is why it is not yet on the App Store. The final release will be available from there, though.

      2) You are right about the atx-style closing tags, they remain visible when the option “Make every newline a line break” (“Jede neue Zeile ist ein Zeilenumbruch”) is on. We will correct this, but in the meantime, turning off that option will produce the expected result

      3) The way it works right now is a little less automatic: from the image or PDF’s action menu, select “Copy Link”; then create a new plain text document and select “Insert link”; this gives you the Markdown document to work on. But of course, your suggested method would be much smoother and we’ll put that on our list.

      4) We currently use the iOS’ built in PDF viewer which, unfortunately, ignores annotations. We are about to change that, though.

      Vielen Dank und schöne Grüße,

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