We just released a minor update with a few corrections and improvements.


  • A new option to convert multiple combined Markdown documents to .md (look for it in Edit Multiple)
  • An action to save the current combined Markdown as .md (from a document’s action menu)
  • Copy Markdown and Copy Plain Text are available from the Duplicate/Copy menu
    • Copy Markdown, available for HTML or Markdown documents, puts the Markdown code of the document on the clipboard
    • Copy Plain Text, available for HTML, Markdown and plain text documents, puts the plain text of the document on the clipboard
  • Paste as Markdown is a new option in the Cut/Copy/Paste menu. After copying formatted text from a document in NB, Safari or another app, this action pastes a Markdownified version of the formatted snippet
  • Save as Markdown now converts definition lists, too
  • More complete and correct Markdown highlighting

Corrections, Fixes

  • Converting plain text to combined MD did not delete the text version of the document
  • Context tags: when removing all available tags, NB no longer repopulates the list with default tags
  • Dropbox: reload current document in case its attributes changed during auto sync
  • Fixed an occasional crash when opening the “Go to…” menu
  • Fixed playback of embedded YouTube videos (iPad)
  • Repeating tasks now offer a better range of values for days, weeks and months
  • Send to Organize:Pro improved


  • added Source Code Pro font

If you experience any problems or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Notebooks 6.0.1 – iOS