An update of Notebooks for iPad and iPhone is available from the App Store. It provides several additions, improvements and fixes.


  • Dark Theme option.
  • Setting to hide document icons.
  • Setting to show filename extension.
  • Display Email (eml) messages as HTML (embedded images are not yet shown).
  • New option to enable “live formatting” of Markdown syntax.
  • Support for MultiMarkdown “backtick notation”.
  • Support for TaskPaper’s “@done” style notation.
  • Send to 2Do.
  • Added php as editable file type.
  • New option to Share documents or the current selection via Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Mail.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for plain text documents:
    • cmd-D … insert date stamp
    • cmd-T … insert time stamp
    • cmd-W … show/hide word counter
  • Keyboard shortcuts for formatted documents:
    • cmd-K … strike through
    • cmd-T … timestamp
    • cmd-D … date stamp
    • cmd-Enter … stop editing and hide keyboard
    • cmd-1-4 … heading 1-4 (title, subtitle, heading 1, heading 2)
    • cmd-0 … default style
    • cmd-R … insert horizontal divider
    • cmd-W … show/hide word counter


  • “Add selection to Inbox” correctly uses whole selection instead of just the first line.
  • Improved layout for image editing on iPad.
  • Accept search terms with a single character in all languages.
  • List of search results shows document preview (if preview lines are enabled in current book).
  • Typewriter layout shows darker background.
  • WebDAV sync: imported files take modification date reported from server.
  • Enabled sort option for contexts (smart books).
  • Word counter: tap to show/hide, touch and hold to change between word/character count.


  • Corrected “jumpy” behavior when editing long documents.
  • Changing a task’s state from “due tasks calendar view”.
  • Improved error messages when documents cannot be loaded.
  • No freezes when opening contexts while editing abstract in Info.
  • Pasting webarchive from Evernote no longer causes freeze.
  • Dropbox sync reliably stops syncing system files when option it turned off.
  • Solved issue when inserting multiple full size photos.
Notebooks 7.1 (iOS)