[box]Due to a couple of adjustments, Notebooks 1.0.2 resets the preferences of versions 1.0.1. So when you launch Notebooks 1.0.2 for the first time, you need to set Notebooks’ home folder and your individual preferences again. – We are sorry for this inconvenience.[/box]

This update addresses many issues reported by our user and contains several additions and improvements.

Fixed Issues

  • Preserve details of repeating tasks when manipulating task lists.
  • When moving a plain Markdown documents, embedded images are correctly moved as well.
  • Images can now be added to formatted documents through the file selector.
  • Drag & drop images or text into formatted documents works consistently.
  • Drag & drop mail messages into documents correctly inserts link to original message.
  • “Select in Navigator” correctly opens enclosing book.
  • Highlight search hits when selecting formatted documents from search results.
  • Correctly display iWork ’13 and RTFD documents (document bundles).


  • Light theme is the default.
  • Multiple refinements for dark theme.
  • Animations to show/hide left columns have been optimized.
  • Drag & drop from Finder into a book correctly highlights proposed target.
  • Repeating tasks are marked with a special character.
  • When completing repeating tasks, next due date is set.
  • Plain text
    • Remember cursor position when returning from formatted preview.
    • Reliably dismiss find bar when switching documents.
    • Enable data detectors after editing.
    • Use separate UndoManager for each text document.
  • Search Description field (works with Spotlight off).
  • When leaving fullscreen mode, Notebooks returns to the same layout used before switching to fullscreen.


  • Setting to hide document icons in list view.
  • Setting to show file extensions in list view.
  • Option to “look ahead” for due tasks.
Notebooks for Mac 1.0.2

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  • May 27, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Great effort and thanks for resolving the repeating tasks issue 🙂

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