Here is the next update of Notebooks for iPad and iPhone; it is available for download on the App Store.

There are two major new features you may want to look at: one is the new Share extension, which allows you to add items to Notebooks from virtually any other app via the “Share…” option. You can add photos, documents, attachments, but also selections from a web page, for example. When sharing photos or attachments, the dialog that appears gives you an option to add a title and a description for the item to be added to Notebooks. What is nice about the share extension is that you don’t need to leave the current app, because the transfer works in the background.
The second major addition is support for the iOS 9 multitasking and split screen.

Update Dec 28 – We need to acknowledge an issue with split screen support in Notebooks 8.2, and you may experience irregular crashes when opening Notebooks in iOS split view. This is because we forgot to set a parameter the right spot 🙁 The issue is non destructive and your documents are never at risk, but it is bothersome nonetheless. – We are sorry for this glitch and will send an update to Apple asap.

Here is the full list of changes in Notebooks 8.2


  • Share Extension: import documents or text selections into Notebooks from any app via the “Share” option. – For photos and other non editable documents, Notebooks provides an option to assign a title and description.
  • Added support for iOS 9 Multitasking/Split View.
  • Option to send tasks to Todoist.
  • Added dedicated indent/outdent buttons for formatted documents.
  • Reflect the current state of extracted tasks in the original document. So when you change the state of a task that was originally extracted from a document, the “task marker” in that original document is automatically modified to reflect the done or cancelled state.
  • When detecting lists in plain text, accept single markers only, but ignore sequences like
    “- -“.
  • New option to exclude regular plain text documents from Markdown highlighting.

Corrections / Improvements

  • “Select all…” is available in plain text documents again.
  • Undo in formatted documents on iPhone: undo/redo buttons are now always available from the row of extra keyboard keys (swipe left to reveal them), but the shake gesture has been deactivated.
  • Extra keys on iPad now respect multitasking split view and no longer try to occupy the whole screen’s width.
  • Improved compatibility with Scrivener when synchronizing with Dropbox. (When creating a new book in Notebooks, Notebooks does not immediately export its BookProperties.plist, which used to irritate Scrivener).
  • A couple of fine tuning measures for Dropbox sync.
  • Multiple interface refinements.
  • Misc corrections and fixes.

After a few days you will notice that Notebooks kindly asks you to leave a rating on the App Store. This popup appears only once. – Positive ratings and reviews are key factors for the success of an app.

Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Notebooks 8.2 for iPad and iPhone