Notebooks 8.6 for iPad and iPhone is available on the App Store and ready for download.

Too late we discovered an issue that keeps new users from logging in to Dropbox. We are sorry for that glitch and will fix it as quickly as we can. – Users who logged in to Dropbox with an earlier version of Notebooks are not affected, by the way.

Important Changes

  1. Notebooks 8.6 requires iOS 9 or later and does not install on devices with older iOS version.
  2. Notebooks 8.6 ensures that synchronization work seamlessly when scheduled Dropbox changes take effect on June 30, 2017. On that day, Dropbox turns off its original API and requires the use of APIv2. Consequently, Dropbox sync will stop working in older versions of Notebooks, so Notebooks 8.6 is a recommended update for all users who rely on Dropbox sync.

Additions and Improvements

  • Tap and hold a task’s icon to set or change its due date.
  • You can now permanently change the sort order of Due Tasks.
  • A dedicated Camera button is available in the formatting toolbar . Tap and hold it to take a photo with the camera, or tap it for a list of options. This button is available on all iPads, but on iPhones only when the screen is wide enough.
  • New Gesture: long-tap with two fingers scrolls to the bottom of the current document.
  • New keyboard shortcuts are available for search, toggling fullscreen and more. Hold down the cmd key for a full list.
  • Settings: Add Photos to Camera Roll automatically adds photos taken in Notebooks to the Photos app.
  • Some timestamp formats have been optimized.
  • The Today extension shows all tasks that are due today (instead of due now).
  • The Share extension accepts and imports a larger number of document types.
  • iPad in 2up mode: the info for the document in the right window now correctly appears in the left window.
  • On iPad Pro, we have optimized the typewriter mode’s layout.

eBook Creation

  • Notebooks now accepts a custom table of contents file (.ncx) and provides more attributes.
  • To improve compatibility, Notebooks now uses “id” tags instead of “name” tags for anchors.

Dropbox Sync

  • Notebooks 8.6 uses the new Dropbox API v2. Users should not notice any difference, except for better performance.
  • Improved conflict handling: Notebooks inspects the contents of the local and remote versions of a document in addition to the modification dates.
  • Fixed an issue when the users wants to resolve a conflict by importing the version from Dropbox (iOS 10.3 only).
  • New settings to show sync status of system files.

The update also contains corrections and fixes.

Notebooks 8.6 for iPad and iPhone

2 thoughts on “Notebooks 8.6 for iPad and iPhone

  • June 12, 2017 at 11:05 am

    I would love an undo or lock button.
    My issue is that I use it for my shopping list and occasionally I will touch the screen without realizing it and add characters or delete parts of mY list

    • June 12, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      Hi Brenda,

      Undo is available in multiple places: on an iPad you can use the undo/redo buttons on the keyboard, but Notebooks also provides undo/redo in its extra buttons above the keyboard. You may need to activate them first, though.
      In top of that, you can write protect documents by flipping a switch in the document’s info.

      I hope that helps.

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