Notebooks for Mac 2.4.1 improves the way it handles shared iCloud folders and adds some functionality known from Notebooks for iOS.

The Changes in Detail

  • When using a shared iCloud folder as “Notebooks Home“, Notebooks displays the name of the user who modified the version – with sort by creation- or modification date selected.
  • Multiple improvements for resolving iCloud conflicts.
  • Documents with .url extension like regular bookmarks (webloc).
  • Markdown documents don’t switch to edit mode when tapping an audio attachment.
  • Contexts: With “Hide Done Tasks” selected, contexts do note show done tasks, either.
  • Task settings have a new checkbox to toggle “Hide Done Tasks“. This is an alternative to selecting that option from a task list’s ••• menu.

Notebooks for Mac 2.4.1 is available from this website and from the Mac App Store. Users of the non-Mac App Store version of Notebooks for Mac can also take advantage of the automatic update option.

Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks for Mac 2.4.1 Available for Download