Notebooks 11.0.2 for iPad and iPhone is a minor update to address a few user requests. It also updates the Dropbox sync logic, preparing Notebooks for the new authentication flow which Dropbox will introduce later this fall.

The Changes in Detail

  • Formatted documents provide an option to control whether Notebooks should auto-detect lists when a line starts with “-” or “1.”.
  • With “automatically insert closing characters” selected, avoid repeating pairs of quotation marks or back ticks when trying to enter a series of these characters.
  • Address a potential crash when Notebooks tries to center the currently edited line in plain text.
  • When closing Notebooks while editing a protected plain text document, Notebooks tries to resume editing when it is launched and unlocked again.
  • Reliably save last document position in plain text when not using iCloud.
  • Display .opml documents as indented list, with options to duplicate as formatted or plain text, and edit opml source.
  • Fulltext search for .csv documents.
  • When importing documents shared from other apps, correctly apply the default document type.
  • Markdown: Reliably remove YAML headers when using MultiMarkdown, and correctly detect “class blocks” (> %class%) when using the default converter.
  • Source Code Theme adopts light/dark UI for code blocks.
  • iPad: With “hide document when changing book” enabled, Notebooks displays a message with a button to create a new document (instead of showing an empty document).
  • WebDAV sync correctly handles “ignore dot files” setting.
  • Adapt Dropbox sync to modified authentication flow (short lived access tokens). This authentication flow is more secure, but you should not notice any change in Notebooks.

Notebooks 11.0.2 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 11.0.2 for iPad and iPhone