With the introduction of Drag & Drop in iOS 11, you can use this convenient feature in Notebooks (8.7 and above) as well.

Drag and Drop is widely available on iPads, but limited on iPhones, so you get the most out of this feature when using an iPad. Here is what you can do in Notebooks on an iPad (preferably an iPad Pro):

  • Drag and move documents to different books.
  • Drag text snippets, photos, documents etc. from other apps into Notebooks (dropping them into a table adds the items as new documents to Notebooks).
  • Drag selected text to move it around in the current document (iPad and iPhone).
  • Drag documents from Notebooks to other apps.

If you want to reorder the sequence of items in a book, just switch to Notebooks’ reordering mode (by tapping the corresponding button on the sort order selector) and drag your books and documents around.

Use Drag and Drop in Notebooks