While testing Notebooks with the latest preview of iOS 7 over the past few days we discovered a few new glitches, which is why version 6.0.2 is still not available for the iPad. Instead, we have prepared a new update for both, iPad and iPhone, which will eliminate these issues. This update is still waiting to be released for the App Store.

So in case you install iOS 7 before Notebooks 6.1 becomes available, this is what you might want to know:

  • When manually synchronizing with Dropbox or a WebDAV server, the sheet which reports the progress will not automatically go away, and there is no way to manually dismiss it. Terminating Notebooks is the only way out of this.
  • There is a similar situation when changing a document’s font on the iPad. The “Done” button in the top left corner does not show up and there is no way to dismiss the dialog. As above, terminating Notebooks is the only workaround.
  • Finally, the extra buttons in formatted documents don’t work at all.

While these things are inconvenient, they are non destructive, so your documents are not at risk.

iOS 7 and Notebooks 6.0.1 (6.0.2)