Almost simultaneously with the release of iOS 7, the App Store team also released Notebooks 6.1. This update corrects several issues introduced by the new iOS, but it also adds a few convenient new features.


  • You can now define multiple (unlimited) sets of custom keyboard keys.
  • To advance from one set of keyboard keys to the next, just swipe left or right across the keys.
    You will notice that formatted documents now show a single row of buttons; you reach the other keys with a swipe gesture, too.
  • There is a new setting “Require Passcode Immediately”; you can turn that off to avoid code entry when leaving Notebooks for less that 30 seconds. (This was already in 6.0.2 for iPhone, but it is new for iPad users)

Improvements, Corrections

  • Dropbox sync: when a document is downloaded, Notebooks now sets its modified date to the modified date reported from Dropbox (instead of the current date)
  • “Save as Markdown” had reversed the strong and em tags; this is corrected.
  • Several improvements for Markdown highlighting.
  • When inserting images, the preferred size is correctly applied.

iOS 7 specific Corrections

  • The progress sheet is reliably dismissed after manual synchronization.
  • The extra buttons in formatted documents work correctly again.
  • On the iPad, the font dialog can be dismissed again.

We do hope that we discovered and fixed all issues introduced by iOS 7, but in case you notice anything else, please let us know so we can fix it asap.

Update 2013-09-20

Well, there ARE a few more issues when you run this version on iOS 7 (especially regarding the extra keys in formatted documents). We are currently working on them and will post an update as quickly as we can.

Notebooks 6.1 (iOS)

2 thoughts on “Notebooks 6.1 (iOS)

  • October 1, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    OK, I’ve downloaded ios7 and have had continuing problems with it. I thought yesterday that all was fixed. This morning, I tried to access notebooks! only to find that all my info is gone. Nothing. zilch. Nada. To say I am not happy is a gross understatement.
    Please help.

    • October 7, 2013 at 9:02 am

      Hello Mary,

      I am sorry to hear that the iOS 7 update is causing problems! The update should be non-destructive and should never delete any data, so I hope that we are just facing an interface issue here. Have you tried to shut down and restart your iOS device? Does that restore normal operation? – Which version of Notebooks are you using?


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