A task list in Notebooks is basically a book with slightly modified behavior:

  • Its icon indicates that it is a task list.
  • It displays the number of open and due tasks it contains.
  • All documents are shown as tasks with state icons instead of document icons. This means that a plain text note, a rich text document, an image, a PDF or any other type of document can be a task.

To convert a book to a list, simply turn on the switch Show as Task List in the book’s info page.

Tasks can have one of several states, which you simply change by tapping on the icon in the list.

  • Open
  • Started
  • Done
  • Cancelled

You set a task’s due date and alarm in its info page. When a task becomes due, its icon turns orange and the task list’s badge indicates the presence of due actions. Also, Notebooks’ app icon on the Home screen shows the total number of due items.

What its Special About Notebooks’ Task Lists?

  • An important part of task management is the reference library, which holds background material and supportive
    information that helps make decisions. In Notebooks, reference libraries and task
    lists are integrated and always just a few taps apart.
  • Notebooks can build hierarchies of task lists instead of showing tasks in flat lists. At some
    stage, a single task may evolve into a small project of its own, and the original
    project may quickly turn into a hierarchy of sub-projects. Notebooks’ structure helps
    to maintain the big picture and drill down on the detail when necessary.
  • In Notebooks you can describe tasks with more than just three words. Ideas can be phrased and
    developed freely, without being limited by a text box, because writing is one of
    Notebooks’ original purposes. Converting ideas to tasks or projects then requires no
    more than a few taps.
  • Notebooks organizes projects, documents and notes in one place, which won’t interrupt
    the train of thought when producing ideas and breaking them down into tasks.

Task Lists and Protection

As long as Notebooks is locked, it does not give you any indication of protected items. So you will not see protected tasks, either, and the badges shown along with task lists will not count protected or due actions. There is one exception, though: when a protected task becomes due, Notebooks’ app icon on the Home screen will indicate that, but to see the task and its info you need to unlock Notebooks.

For more details, please refer to our handbook.