As you may have noticed, Notebooks for Mac 2.0 Beta 14 was published a couple of days ago. It brings a series of fixes and improvements, but it also contains a couple of new features.


  • The section “Smart Books” remembers its expanded/collapsed state between relaunches.
  • Clicking the HOME button no longer collapses the outline.
  • Improved stability when reordering books or switching sort order.

Document List

  • Titles no longer gets clipped with increased font size.
  • Clicking the empty space below the list of items selects the current book and updates the info inspector accordingly.
  • Right-clicking the empty space shows the context menu with options for the book. (Too late we noticed that this also introduced a glitch; cmd-O no longer opens documents in their native app but rather shows them in Finder. We will fix that for the next update.)
  • The list can now use any font with any font face (light, italic etc.) and is no longer hard coded to use bold.
  • A new setting “Emphasize Title” gives user the choice to display titles in bold font (enabled by default).
  • Cells more reliably update when task details change.


  • Resolved an issue that caused a crash when leaving repeat details empty.
  • Fixed a crash when renaming task which have due dates assigned.

PDF Documents

  • Disabled the option “Allow plugins for PDF” to avoid crashes when using Acrobat Acrobat. For now, Notebooks always uses Quicklook to display PDF documents.


  • Added an option to view webarchives with Notebooks’ own methods instead of Quicklook. – This may be especially important on macOS 10.14, as Quicklook is no longer able (allowed) to display webarchives with Notebooks’ fonts and settings. 
  • The action “Duplicate Webarchive as HTML” saves images contained in the archive.

Formatted Documents

  • When right-clicking a link, the context menu action “Edit Link” works as expected.
  • When selecting text which represents a valid URL, the “Edit Link” action suggests that URL as link target.
  • Correctly update wordcount label.
  • Added “Show Colors” to context menu.
  • Reliably change text color for selected text using the color panel.

Table Support in Formatted Documents (work in progress)

Actions to add and edit tables are currently available from the context menuand via keyboard shortcuts.

  • Add Table” adds a table with four columns, a header row and three (body) rows.
  • Rows and columns can be added and deleted with the corresponding context menu actions or – more conveniently – using the following keyboard shortcuts:
cmd-alt down arrowadd new row
cmd-alt right arrowadd new column
cmd-alt up arrowdelete current row
cmd-alt left arrowdelete current column

Please note that selecting Undo for any of the operations above clears the undo stack for all other edit operations in that same table.

Users of Beta 13 or earlier will be automatically notified about the update, all others can grab a copy of Notebooks for Mac 2.0 Beta 14 right here.

Notebooks for Mac 2.0 Beta 14