Notebooks 8.11.3 is a minor update with a few corrections and fixes, especially for iOS 13.
  • Notebooks now provides a setting to select the color theme independent of the current iOS appearance. With that option, Notebooks’ theme remains fixed even if the appearance changes. This was one of the most frequent requests on iOS 13.
  • Notebooks 8.11.3 now uses correct background colors when setting task details, or when selecting images from the camera roll in dark mode.
  • We also optimized colors and contrasts when using gray mode and in dialogs for setting extra keyboard keys or task markers.
  • Another important fix: the cursor keys in formatted documents work as expected again. This was obviously broken by a change in iOS 13.
    (Speaking of: we are aware that dictation currently does not work in formatted documents. This is another side effect of iOS 13, but it seems beyond our control and we hope an iOS update will fix that. At the moment we can only recommend the workaround to use dictation in plain text and then copy the text into a formatted document…)
More changes and improvements include:
  • When copying an image from the Share dialog, the image itself is added to the pasteboard (not just the link to the image), so it can be pasted directly into a document in Notebooks.
Many thanks to our users who have patiently pointed us to issues and glitches that we had not yet discovered.
The update is available on the App Store and requires iOS 11.1 or above.
Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 8.11.3 for iPad and iPhone