Notebooks 8.11 supports iOS 13 and its new dark mode – although Notebooks has had a dark mode for a couple of years already.
More changes and improvements include:
  • An update for the optional PDF Reader to address an issue when trying to share PDF documents with others.
  • A new option in settings allows users to disable the optional PDF Reader in situations where the default PDF view is preferred.
  • Improved rendering of email messages with special characters.
  • When importing movies or audio documents from other apps, Notebooks more reliably detects their file type.
  • It also prepares Notebooks for a smooth migration to the upcoming major upgrade.
Versions 8.11.1 and 8.11.2 contain interface refinements for iOS 13.
The update is available on the App Store and requires iOS 11.1 or above.

P.S.: We have received requests asking us to keep Notebooks from automatically picking up iOS 13’s dark mode setting and instead sticking with the mode set in Notebooks’ preferences. – We are working on that.
Notebooks 8.11 for iPad and iPhone