Notebooks for Mac 2.0.2 is a minor update which addresses a few user requests and takes care of issues reported by our users. – Depending on your settings, Notebooks 2.0.1 will automatically find this update, or you can get it from the Mac App Store and from our website.

Formatted Documents

  • Correctly insert closing characters – ” and ‘ especially – on empty lines or at the end of a document.
  • After clicking a link which opens a web page, the “Back” button returns to the original document rather than opening the previously opened document.


  • When converting plain text files, the first line is assigned H1, unless another heading level has been set in the text.

Document Styles

  • For numbered lists, the Default Theme uses “1.” instead of “1” already at the first level.
  • Tables use 1pt margins (rather than .5) to make sure they correctly display on older devices.

Document List

  • Moving tasks which have due date assigned no longer produces an empty list.
  • The document titles use the whole column’s width and no longer truncate at unexpected locations.


  • New setting: click a book’s title to reveal contained books.


  • Avoid duplicate entries for documents with umlauts in their titles.


  • If all of Notebooks’ windows have been closed, clicking the dock icon opens the document browser, as expected.
  • Use the selected page orientation when printing documents.
  • Improvements for eBook creation.
Notebooks for Mac 2.0.2