Notebooks 8.3 for iPad and iPhone has just been released on the App Store. Here is what’s new:


  • Compatible with iOS 10.
  • You can now choose that selected tasks appear as regular documents in task lists.
    This allows you to mix tasks and documents in a list, which can be convenient to keep a description of the project along with its todos, for example.
  • New settings for hyphenation and text alignment (left, right, justified), for both plain text and formatted documents.
    Notebooks’ document themes have been adapted to respect these settings; if you are using your own styles sheets, you need to adapt them, too.
  • New setting to show search bar when opening a book.
  • New URL schemes: addnewdoc, addnewtask, append, search (click for details).


  • Numerous updates to PDF Reader.
  • Formatted documents: exchanged position of indent/outdent buttons.
  • Markdown: LaTeX and MathJax are now supported without escaping ($$, ( and [.
  • Markdown: improved handling of footnotes; they now work in tables as well.
  • Improved layout of the list of documents (title/preview/dates).
  • New setting to toggle single/multi line display of titles in list of documents.
  • Dropbox sync: ignore ~ files during sync (Emacs backup files).
  • Improved Unzip procedure (progress indicator).


  • Rotating device while editing a formatted document no longer hides the keyboard.
  • When editing a document in twoUp mode, correctly show DONE button in the left frame.
  • Fixed issue deleting context tags in settings.
Notebooks 8.3 for iPad and iPhone