Synchronize Notebooks Between Multiple Devices

If you want to use Notebooks on an iPad, and iPhone and maybe a Mac or a PC as well, it is important to know how synchronize your documents between those devices so you can access them everywhere. Notebooks offers

Windows Incompatible Characters

As mentioned in several sections, there is a set of characters that should be avoided in the titles of documents, especially when syncing with Dropbox. While iOS and macOS handle all these characters well, they will cause problems once synced

Share Books With Other Notebooks Users

If you are looking for a way to share some of your Notebooks documents with other users, you can achieve that with a shared Dropbox folder and Dropbox sync. Here is what can you do: Important: On a Mac, please

Dropbox Autosync Best Practice

Notebooks can automatically synchronize with Dropbox, which hugely improves user experience. Here is some background information and a few tips. When made active, Notebooks auto sync (we call it delta sync) regularly checks Dropbox for changes and imports them. This