Automatic Sync with WebDAV Servers

Question: Why doesn’t Notebooks provide automatic sync with WebDAV servers, just as it does with Dropbox? Contrary to Dropbox, a WebDAV server does not allow us to poll its contents to quickly find out what has changed. So Notebooks needs … Read more

Import Content from the Internet

Notebooks offers multiple options to import documents from different sources or apps. Some of them are summarized in an extra blog post.

Sync Notebooks with Scrivener (iOS to Mac)

If you use Scrivener 2 for your writing projects, there is an easy and convenient way of syncing your projects with Notebooks. You find all the details at, but here is a summary of what to do: set up … Read more

Synchronize Notebooks Between Multiple Devices

If you want to use Notebooks on an iPad, and iPhone and maybe a Mac or a PC as well, it is important to know how synchronize your documents between those devices so you can access them everywhere. Notebooks offers … Read more

How to Migrate from Notebooks 6 to Notebooks 8

We have prepared a dedicated migration guide describing the various option for moving your documents from the discontinued Notebooks 6 to the latest, officially supported and maintained version of Notebooks (currently Notebooks 8).

Windows Incompatible Characters

As mentioned in several sections, there is a set of characters that should be avoided in the titles of documents, especially when syncing with Dropbox. While iOS and macOS handle all these characters well, they will cause problems once synced … Read more

Why doesn’t Notebooks Sync with iCloud?

We have been continuously testing, evaluating and working on iCloud sync over the past couple of years, but we still don’t offer an option to sync Notebooks with iCloud. Although iCloud has much improved, a couple of issues remain and … Read more

Share Books With Other Notebooks Users

If you are looking for a way to share some of your Notebooks documents with other users, you can achieve that with a shared Dropbox folder and Dropbox sync. Here is what can you do: Create and share a Dropbox … Read more