Notebooks 10.2.2 introduces support for Soft Return, which, for example, allows you add newlines in lists without actually starting a new bullet. It also addresses several issues.


  • Soft Return is available for formatted documents and plain text.
    You may be familiar with soft return from word processing applications, but in case you are not, this is what they do:
    Inside a list, a paragraph or a preformatted section, soft return creates a new line but not a new bullet or paragraph. This gives you more control over the layout of text.
    • Notebooks now provides a dedicated shift return extra keyboard key. It is part of the Minimal Set, but you can add it to any of your custom sets as [BREAK].
    • On an external keyboards, just type ⇧↩ (shift-return).
  • New icons for back, forward and tab extra keyboard keys.
New extra keyboard key in Notebooks 10.2.2
New extra keyboard keys in Notebooks 10.2.2. Shift Return is second from right.


  • Fix broken extra keyboard keys on 1st Gen iPhone SE.
  • Avoid nervous scrolling in formatted documents on iOS 12.
  • Correctly detect and embed hard coded fonts in CSS style sheets (that is, Notebooks’ custom fonts that you explicitly add to your CSS styles).
  • Make sure plain text documents remain at current position when switching apps.
  • Correct an issue when displaying email messages.

  • The default Markdown converter supports both definition list styles again (one of them was broken after the latest update) and no longer strips embedded style definitions.
  • Keep Notebooks from displaying the first line of a Markdown document as title by starting the document with an empty line.

  • Selecting multiple items in the list shows the checkmarks as expected.
  • Duplicating multiple items works correctly again.
  • Compile Documents more carefully collects images that shall be embedded in final result.
  • More carefully update and reorder the document list during sync (this should also prevent an occasional crash).

Notebooks 10.2.2 is available on the App Store. Should you run into any issues, please let us know.

Notebooks 10.2.2 for iPad and iPhone

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