Notebooks 7.0.1, minor update for Notebooks 7 has been released for download on the App Store. It addresses several known issues and delivers a few improvements.


  • Successfully import Quickstart Guide from “Getting Started” document.
  • Recording voice memos on 64-bit devices works as expected.
  • Editing formatted documents in fullscreen always keeps cursor visible.
  • Unzip keeps original modification dates for folders and documents.
  • Unzip successfully extracts archives created with Winzip.
  • Create eBook embeds images more reliably.
  • Create eBook correctly handles links to Notebooks documents.
  • Notebooks no longer gets “stuck” in portrait orientation.


  • Insert current location uses decreased accuracy if needed to avoid “unable to get location” error message.
  • The contents of saved bookmarks (pages that are downloaded on demand) is searchable.
  • On iPhone, formatted documents now have a strikethrough button.
  • Dropbox auto sync: “sync top level” is active by default.
  • Dropbox quick sync triggers sync when Dropbox is reachable, not only on WiFi.
  • Avoid accidental sync conflicts for combined Markdown documents.

Remaining Known Issues

  • Right-to-left text is still not perfectly supported (still struggling with a fundamental iOS change here).
  • Formatted documents don’t show the cut/copy/paste menu on the first couple of lines (when they are too close to the top). This is an iOS 7 issue, but there are two possible workarounds for now:
    • add a few empty lines at the beginning of document
    • select “use fullscreen for editing”
  • No highlighting of misspelled words in formatted documents (another iOS change…)

Notebooks for iPad and iPhone

Notebooks for iPhone only
Notebooks 7.0.1 (iOS)

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  • February 12, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Am I permitted to write about this on twitter?

    • February 13, 2014 at 11:27 am

      Sure, you are welcome to write about @NotebooksApp 🙂

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