There are No Search Results, Contexts, Recently Modified Items etc.

Notebooks uses macOS Spotlight search for performing full text searches, listing items assigned to Contexts or Favorites, finding Recently Modified items and more. So when a search in Notebooks does not return any results, or when smart books are empty

Notebooks and “Dropbox for macOS 12”

Dropbox‘ recent upgrade introduced a few fundamental changes regarding its storage location. Most importantly, Dropbox no longer stores its documents in Home/Dropbox – or which ever folder you chose -, but instead needs to use Home/Library/CloudStorage/Dropbox. For convenience, you reach

“Notebooks has been Compromised” – What Happened?

You might see this message when you are using an app like CleanMyMac with the option to clean Universal Binaries. This process strips part of Notebooks‘ binary, so Notebooks has the impression that the app has been tampered with. – Yes, we pay attention

How to Redeem a Coupon Code

If you receive a coupon code for Notebooks for Mac 2.0, you can redeem it when purchasing a license directly from us. You can get a license either from within the trial version of Notebooks 2.0 or through our web form.

Trouble Shooting Tips

In some cases, Notebooks for Mac may encounter an issue and get stuck during startup. This may happen because the selected home contains a huge number of new documents which need to be scanned, or the previously opened document causes problems

Search the Contents of Notebooks for Mac

Notebooks for Mac provides a combined full text search and document filter in the header of the document list (the second column). Filter the Current List As you start entering text in that field, Notebooks filters the currently displayed list and displays only

Migrate from Evernote to Notebooks for Mac

If you have been using Evernote as your note management solution and want to move your notes into Notebooks, you can do so with a few simple steps: Export your Evernote notes in .enex format. Move the exported file into Notebooks. On a Mac you can do so by dragging