When Notebooks 6 won’t launch on iOS 11

Notebooks 6 was discontinued in December 2013, when we introduced a paid update, which is Notebooks 8 by now. Notebooks 6 used to run fine up to iOS 10, but Apple decided to cease support for older apps, so Notebooks … Read more

Use Drag and Drop in Notebooks

With the introduction of Drag & Drop in iOS 11, you can use this convenient feature in Notebooks (8.7 and above) as well. Drag and Drop is widely available on iPads, but limited on iPhones, so you get the most … Read more

Use Siri with Notebooks

Starting with iOS 11, you can ask Siri to perform certain tasks in Notebooks. The screenshot below shows a few examples. For example phrases in your language, just launch Siri and tap the question mark in the lower left corner.

Can Notebooks be Password Protected? (iOS)

You can protect selected documents, hierarchies of books and even the whole contents of Notebooks. If your device supports Touch-ID, you can unlock your documents with your fingerprint. All the details are available from a separate page.

Can I Restore a Deleted Document or Book?

Deleting books or documents from Notebooks (iOS) is final, so there is no action or shortcut to restore them directly from within Notebooks. If you use any of Notebooks’ sync or backup options, you have a chance to restore a … Read more

How can I Activate Phone Numbers to be Called from Notebooks?

Phone numbers, URLs, email addresses, addresses and calendar events can be shown as clickable links in Notebooks’ documents. Most of these links are disabled by default to keep the text readable, but you can selectively activate each of them in … Read more

View Two Documents Side by Side (iPad)

On an iPad, Notebooks allows you to view two documents side by side. Please do not confuse that with iOS’ multitasking view, which runs two apps side by side. In Notebooks you can open, view and edit two documents. Here … Read more